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This site hosts personal blogs of a small collection of family and buddies, perhaps more affinity group than whānau. Rick set it up when it got too awkward to keep telling people "good thought, you oughtta start a blog" when he hadn't done so himself.

We could host you too, if you think you belong. Just figure out how to ask Rick.

About Faun Bar

Visible at low tide, Faun Bar projects east from Deer Island, south of Winthrop, which is east of East Boston, Massachusetts. It has borne that name since colonial times. It's a navigation hazard for chartless (and/or clueless) sailors, and it makes for great fishing.

The picture above is cropped from a striking shot in a superlative series by David R. I wish the bar itself were as beautiful. (David, if you're reading this, please grant your permission to use it!)